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The Ox Head Minis_Logo_Bronze_RGB copy 2.png
The Ox Head Minis_Logo_Bronze_RGB copy 2.png

Painted by Travis Wilson at 1/6 scale.


Based on the famous depiction at the Tomb of Khnumhotep II at Beni Hassan Egypt showing a group of Aamu foriegners coming to Egypt, this woman stands out with her intricate woven dress and unique shoes.

Travis' painting aproach is to build realism to allow the figure to come to life when viewing in person. He builds up subtle amounts of every color, creating a skin that begins to appear translucent. The lens of the eyes are are carefully built up from a concave iris to catch the light on the rim as it rakes across the face, giving life to the sculpture.

"I love art, history, story, and love it when those come together. I've sculpted, illustrated, art directed for many years, particularly in the museum industry, so this project was a joy!" - Travis Wilson, Creator of Ox Head Minis

Aamu Woman by Travis Wilson

  • 1/6 Scale

    12.12" with Base

    Material - 3D Printed Resin

    Sculpted and Painted by Travis Wilson

    Ships out within 5 business days

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