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The Ox Head Minis_Logo_Bronze_RGB copy 2.png
The Ox Head Minis_Logo_Bronze_RGB copy 2.png

Painted by Fabio Ricci at 1/6 scale.


Based on the famous depiction at the Tomb of Khnumhotep II at Beni Hassan Egypt showing a group of Aamu foriegners coming to Egypt.

Fabio has executed a beautifully rendered lighting pallete on the bust itself, like a 3 dimensional canvas. This allows the piece to read in a dynamic way on your shelf in a variety of lighting scenarios.

"I'm Fabio Ricci a miniature artist based in italy. I've always been very passionate about the miniature world since I was a teenager. Right now I'm trying my best to work in this niche with the desire to always improve as a painter."


Aamu Woman Bust by Fabio Ricci

  • 1/6 Scale

    5" tall

    Material: 3D printed Resin

    Sculpted by Travis Wilson

    Painted by Fabio Ricci

    Ships out with 3-5 business days

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